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WITec alpha300 R - Raman Imaging Microscope (Confocal Raman Microscope)



Confocal Raman Imaging with unprecedented performance in speed, sensitivity, and resolution
Hyperspectral image generation with the information of a complete Raman spectrum at every image pixel
Excellent lateral resolution
Outstanding depth resolution ideally suited for 3D image generation and depth profiles
Ultra-fast Raman imaging option with under one millisecond integration time per spectrum
Ultra-high throughput spectroscopic system for highest sensitivity and best performance in spectral resolution
Non-destructive imaging technique: no staining of fixation of the sample required

Contact details for access: Dr. Matthias Schmidt matthias.schmidt@ufz.de +49 341 235 1358

WITec alpha300 R - Raman Imaging Microscope in Helmholtz Imaging Modalities:

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