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Helmholtz Imaging Support Unit Hamburg (HI-HH)

The Helmholtz Imaging Modalities & Image Analysis team at DESY provides services for the Helmholtz Imaging community, supports Helmholtz Imaging projects and is engaged in Helmholtz Imaging collaborations across Helmholtz. The most prominent service provided is the Helmholtz Imaging Modalities platform. Helmholtz Imaging Modalities is the heart of the Helmholtz Imaging Network. The platform makes it easy to get an overview on the diverse cutting edge imaging possibilities across the Helmholtz Association, finding the experts experienced in the application of these and will for the first time give an complete picture of the world of imaging at Helmholtz at one place. All Helmholtz imaging enthusiasts can create their profile, describe their instruments and modalities, and the respective field of application. Helmholtz Imaging Modalities facilitates finding partners and collaborators for novel projects, with just the right complementary expertise necessary to conduct research for grand challenges.

DESY offers further services to the imaging community, for example the Helmholtz Imaging storage, where in a first implementation, storage is offered to the partners in the Helmholtz Imaging projects, to share large imaging datasets.

The Helmholtz Imaging Modalities & Image Analysis team has expertise in a range of scientific imaging disciplines from macromolecular structural biology, to biomedical imaging, to satellite imaging, to the development of video codecs, to the development and application of novel AI methods. Our current research projects include the development of AI methods for multimodal multitask semantic segmentation, as well as for instance segmentation for biomedical and material science research projects.

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