Helmholtz Imaging Modalities


The modalities database of Helmholtz Imaging is administered by the Helmholtz Imaging Service Team at DESY Hamburg (modalities@helmholtz-imaging.de).


The content, i.e. descriptions of modalities, applications and instruments has been provided and edited by the experts from one of the Helmholtz Centers.

All imaging experts at one of the Helmholtz Centers are invited to create a personal profile and help to create a comprehensive overview of the outstanding scientific imaging capabilities within the association.


As a member of one of the Helmholtz Centers, you can sign in with your institutional credentials and add/edit data about your imaging modality, imaging facility, lab or instrument. In addition you can create a short profile page for yourself indicating your expertise and scientific interest in one or many imaging modalities.


We welcome any comment, critique, appreciation, suggestion, bug report or wish regarding Helmholtz Imaging Modalities at modalities@helmholtz-imaging.de. We will get back to you, when you contact us.

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