Data Policy - Please read!

The aim of Helmholtz Imaging Modalities is to present the Helmholtz imaging community on one page. HI Modalities offers the possibility to all scientists working on or with imaging methods at one of the Helmholtz Centers to present themselves with a personal profile page, and link themselves to their preferred modalities, applications and instruments. All pages describing a modality, application or instrument can be added/edited by any Helmholtz scientist.

Personal Profile

To add data to HI Modalities you have to create a personal profile. Your name, email address and affiliation is retrieved from Helmholtz AAI. When you continue, this information along with any additional information you provide, will be published worldwide on Providing this information is voluntary. If you do not want to provide this information, you cannot create a profile at HI Modalities, or add/edit any other entries, but nevertheless you can still search and view all content.

Visitors of this site will have the possibility to send emails to you via a webform. The HI Team is not liable for the content of these emails.

If necessary the HI Team will use your email address to get in touch with you, for administrative issues related to HI Modalities.

Your personal profile can only be edited by yourself (and the admins of HI Modalities).

You can delete your profile anytime yourself, which will lead to the deletion of all data you provided for the personal profile. If you have any difficulties deleting your profile, you can reach out to us at and we will help you deleting your profile.

Other data

Once you have created your personal profile, you can provide content for or edit the pages about the modalities, applications, instruments, labs, facilities and to some extend for the institutes. All your contributions can be edited by all other colleagues from one of the Helmholtz Centers with a profile on HI Modalities. We will keep track of all editions, and thus save your name and affiliation as provided by Helmholtz AAI at the point of time you edited the content. We will keep this information as long as HI Modalities exists.


By adding any data to HI Modalities you commit yourself to only enter text, which you have written yourself. If you provide text which has already been published elsewhere, you will make sure that the license conditions allow a republication at HI Modalities, and where necessary you will provide the appropriate references.

You consent to only upload images to HI Modalities which you have either taken/created yourself or where the permissive license allows a publication at HI Modalities.

By adding data to HI Modalities you transfer the user rights for the uploaded content to Helmholtz Imaging. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are allowed to transfer the user rights to HI.

The upload of personal data (of other persons than yourself) is only allowed under the rules of GDPR.


All editions will be reviewed by a member of the HI Team. Helmholtz Imaging preserves the right to delete or not to publish any contribution.

You are the reviewer! If you recognize any inappropriate content, or if content provided at HI Modalities does not comply with the scientific standard, please edit or let us know.


For any issues related to HI Modalities you can reach the administrators at

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